Bitter Wind: Greek tragedy in mixed reality


Bitter Wind uses holograms and 3D printing to adapt the Agamemnon mythos for augmented reality, interrogating presence and replica in a new media landscape.

The HoloLens version is available now. A mobile version is in progress.

Looking for the pottery shard PDF? Click here. Remember to cut them apart. No need to cut around the outline—squares will work.

The project was funded through a grant from Northwestern University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and a highly competitive residency at Northwestern’s innovation incubator.

Thanks to this project, lab director Elizabeth Hunter was one of nine women, worldwide, chosen for the SH//FT Spotlight: Microsoft “Women in Mixed Reality” initiative. Click here for her Spotlight profile.


Elizabeth Hunter, Project Director + Designer

Nick Segreti, Project Manager and Programming

Don Herweg, Lead Programmer

Paul Sullivan, Technical Artist

Diana Kogan, Additional Art

Andrew M. Edwards, Music + Sound Design

Privacy policy: Bitter Wind accesses the HoloLens’ microphone and camera. The app does not collect or distribute users’ data.