Bitter Wind: Greek tragedy in mixed reality


Bitter Wind is a short AR/MR adaptation of the Greek tragedy Agamemnon.

The HoloLens version is available now. A mobile version is in progress.

Looking for the pottery shard PDF? Click here. Remember to cut them apart. No need to cut around the outline—squares will work.

Bitter Wind transforms the user’s space into a room with a mysterious mural, which contains clues to the Agamemnon mythos. As they pace the room, users occupy the POV of the grief-stricken queen Clytemnestra, who mourns her sacrificed daughter. By following directions from Bitter Wind’s ghostly hologram, users unlock the mural through HoloLens triggers:

  • Gaze targeting
  • Spatial colliders
  • Air tap
  • Object recognition of AR tag pottery shards (accompanying 3D or paper download)

The Fabula(b) team built Bitter Wind with Unity, Vuforia, and Maya LT.

This project was one of nine, worldwide, chosen for the SH//FT Spotlight: Microsoft “Women in Mixed Reality” initiative. Click here for the Spotlight profile.


Elizabeth Hunter, Project Director + Designer

Nick Segreti, Project Manager and Programming

Don Herweg, Lead Programmer

Paul Sullivan, Technical Artist

Diana Kogan, Additional Art

Drew Edwards, Music + Sound Design

Bitter Wind was supported by a grant from Northwestern’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts.